Student Services

Mrs. Heather Boswell, Assistant Principal of Student Services-

Phone: 815-577-0360

Fax: 815-577-2431

The counselors and social workers in Student Services are here to help students with academic and career planning, and to provide social and emotional support.  

Follow Student Services-@PEHSStudentServ


Students with the last name

Email address

Sarah Arnold-Cruz

Sb- Z

Christine Belcastro

F- I & SCORE students

Pauline Gatses

J - Mt

Richard Gatz

Mu - Sa

Shelley Mendez 


Andrew (Drew) Tylin

Cu- E & EL students

Michel Pawlak

Catalyst & Hospitalization

Social Worker

Students with the last name

Email address

Gwen Fitzgerald

A - Di

Rebekah Grimes

Dj - K

Halle Hollatz

Rb - Z

Hannah Wendt

L - Ra

McKenzie Thoma

Multi-needs students


Students with the last name

Email address

Tammy Creghin


Judie Schwerdlin



Email address

Sandra Fullam

Rosemary Waller

Jeanette Garcia - Health Clerk


Email Address

Angela Powell

Litizania Morelos

Charity Goodman-Grosch

student services staff