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PE/Health Wellness

"We are a team united to prepare our students with the knowledge and skills to maintain a life-long healthy life-style"


Graduation Requirements

Physical Education, Health, and Driver Education are all graduation requirements. Physical Education will be taken all four years and Health and Driver Education are typically taken during the students Sophomore Year.


Courses Offered:

Freshman Wellness (Teachers; Mrs. Cronin, Mr. Fowler, Ms. Ford, Mrs.Swintek, Mr Stevens)

Sophomore Health Education  (Teachers; Mr Frankiewicz, Ms Ford, Mrs Swintek)

Sophomore Driver Education  (Teachers; Mr Morris, Mr Sutton, Mr Smith)

Junior/Senior Electives:  Dance 1 + 2 (Mrs Swintek) Team Activities (Mr Kunz Mr Fowler), Leadership (Mrs Mannes), Life Skills (Ms Ruettiger/Mrs Mannes), Recreational Games (Mr Morris, Mr Sutton), Sports Medicine (Mr Smith), Intro to Weight Training (Mr Collins, Mr Patano), Strength Performance (Mr Patano/Mr Kunz), Skills For Healthy Living (Mrs Cronin)



PEHS PE Youtube Channel

Apps/Submission of work


Grading Rubric / Expectations / Absent Policy

Extended Medical Make-Up

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