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Attendance Information

School Hours

Half Day - 7:05a.m.- 10:05 a.m.
Early Release day:  7:05 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. (E.B. 6:35 a.m.)

Early Bird 6:05 Full Day,  6:35 Early Release


Procedure for Reporting Student Absence

Parent must call the Attendance Office Absent Line at 815-577-0660
The following information should be provided:

Student Name, ID number, Reason for Absence and a parent contact number

Per the district's attendance policy, a specific reason must be given for a student's absence.  Absences without a valid cause, including absences taken for unspecified personal reasons, will be listed as unexcused/truant per state law.  Any call received after 10 AM. will automatically be considered unexcused.


Keeping children home from school for reasons other than illness may have a bad effect on their attitude, work habits and progress. Please bear in mind that much of what is missed in the classroom cannot be learned through written assignments. Use your own good common sense and remember sick children belong at home and well children belong in school.

  • Readmission to School Following an Illness: A student who has been absent from school for five (5) or more consecutive days, due to illness, should present a physician's release before being readmitted to school. Failure to provide a physician’s note following 5 consecutive days of absence may result in the days being documented as unexcused or truant.
  • Readmission after Emergency or Urgent Care Treatment, Surgery or Hospitalization: A student who is treated in an emergency room or convenient care clinic must present a physician's release to the nurse's office upon return to school. A student who has been hospitalized for any length of time or had surgery must present a physician’s release to the nurse's office upon return to school.
  • Readmission after homebound related to illness or surgery: The district may request updated medical orders for students who return to school following homebound related to illness or surgery. These orders may include, but are not limited to feeding and medication orders.
  • Students recovering from a communicable disease shall be readmitted to school according to the isolation/exclusion requirements in Rules and Regulations for the Control of Communicable Diseases, published by the Illinois Department of Public Health.
  • Send a physician' note when:
    • Your child returns to school with a cast, crutches or stitches
    • Your child must have a restricted gym program for more than three consecutive days. A parent note is needed for every gym excuse up to three days.

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