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Course Selections for the 2021-2022 School Year

The month of January will begin our 2021-22 course selection process. Below you will find a detailed timeline as well as information that will help you and your student select courses for next year.  In a typical year, counselors would meet with all students in person to enter courses. This year, students will be able to select classes online.  


January 4 – Teacher recommendations will be visible in HAC. Please log in to view teacher recommendations in core subject areas. Students should use this link to access the 2021-22 curriculum guide:  The curriculum guide should be used to find out more information about courses they are interested in taking.

January 18 – Online course selection window opens for students and parents (10-12 only). Students will be able to log in to their HAC account to choose courses for the 2021-22 school year.

January 29 – Online course selection window closes for 10-12. Students will still be able to work with their counselor to ask questions and make changes to their schedule.

February 1 – Online course selection window for incoming Freshman. Students will be able to log in to their HAC account to choose courses for the 2021-22 school year.

February 12 – Online course selection window closes for 9th grade. Students will still be able to work with their counselor to ask questions and make changes to their schedule.

February 26 – Scheduling closes for all students 9-12



Course options for incoming Freshmen:

Course options for incoming Sophomores:

Course optionsfor incoming Juniors:

Course optionsfor incoming Seniors:

More details about course recommendations and the scheduling process as well as answers to your FAQs can be found here



If students have questions after they make their course selections. Counselors will be available to meet with students virtually from 12:15pm-2:00pm on the dates listed below to answer questions. Links will be posted on the Counselor’s Google classroom for students to pop-in.

Week of February 1st-4thCurrent juniors

Week of February 8th-11thCurrent freshman and sophomores

Tuesday,  February 16th - Thursday Feb. 18th:  Incoming freshman (current 8th graders)



Email your student’s counselor:

Counselor A-Cooz:  Shelley Ryan

Counselor Cop-Fooz & ELL:   Andrew Tylin

Counselor Fop-Jamz & SCORE:   Christine Belcastro

Counselor Jan-Morgz:   Pauline Gatses

Counselor Morh-Sancz:  Richard Gatz

Counselor Sand-Z:  Sarah Arnold

Counselor for 504 Plans:  Michel Pawlak

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