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Physical Activity grades are cumulative for the semester and are weighted as follows:

60% Practice (daily participation)

20% Assessments (cognitive, performance/skill, fitness, heart rate monitors, fitness card)

20% Final Exam (10% written exam and 10% physical fitness testing)

A student should come to class prepared to participate and achieve success to the best of his/her ability in Physical Education. Students are expected to dress for class, to participate in each day’s activity, and turn in assigned work on time.

If the student does not dress safely and appropriately for activity:

1. NO participation in that day’s assigned activity

2. The student must participate in an alternate activity assigned by the teacher

Phyical Activities Participation Rubric

               5                                         3



Actively participates entire class time

(Initiates involvement in activity without being asked)

Needs encouragement to actively participate

Refuses to participate in assigned activity (including warm ups and cool down)


Shows respect to self and others at all times

Shows disrespect but self-corrects behavior or will change behavior upon request

Shows disrespect

(ie: foul language, intentionally abuses school equipment, is disrespectful to peers or teacher)


Role models cooperation without being asked and leads or follows directives

Cooperative under observation or verbal encouragement

Generally uncooperative

(does not work with peers or teacher / does not follow procedures)


Students demonstrates responsibility without direction

Student demonstrates responsibility with direction

Student does not demonstrate responsibility (i.e. Cannot participate safely because of dress)