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Hello Students and Parents/Guardians,

I use OneDrive to post all notes, links for Quizlets, activities, study guides, and unit calendars.  You can access the documents using this link:

I expect students to check my OneDrive frequently.  Students should go to my OneDrive site when they are sick to find out what they missed in class and get the documents to stay up-to-date.  Students must take responsibilty to make sure that they gather all assignments and turn in any makeup work quickly.  OneDrive can be accessed on a computer or phone.  If students do not have access to the Internet at home, they can use the computers during their study hall in the Media Center.

Students should expect to be assigned homework daily.  Homework is written on the board in the classroom and I verbally discuss the homework at the beginning of each class (students should use that time to write their assignments down).  Homework will consist of taking notes (which are posted on my OneDrive), using Quizlet (found at and links are posted on OneDrive), and/or finishing assignments started in class.  I expect students to be prepared for class daily and complete their homework to be successful in class.  Students should expect frequent entrance slips and quizzes.  Students can use the unit calendar posted on my OneDrive account to plan ahead (this calendar is also printed and is in the classroom).

Students should be organized using a binder with loose-leaf paper.  I have an example binder in the classroom and I plan on having binder checks frequently.  Students should place papers in chronological order so that they can easily find their materials.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Together we can help the students be successful in Biology!

Ms. Young