Orientation of Business/Personal Finance

Orientation of Business/Personal Finance

In today’s increasingly complex society, everyone needs an understanding of the business world. This is true not only of the person who intends to enter the business world in order to make a living, but of each person who will buy and use the goods and services that businesses have to offer. Nine weeks of this course consists of a program in consumer education, which include the following topics: the individual consumer in the marketplace, money management, consumer credit, human services-housing, food, transportation, clothing, taxes and the consumer in our economy. Other topics include banking services, the stock market, basic marketing principles and career investigation.

Dual Credit offering dependent on students being of junior or senior grade level, teacher availability and JJC approval. This course will earn you college credit and is equivalent to JJC’s ECON 107 course. This course can be used to meet the consumer education requirement for graduation.


SEP 26
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OCT 18
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