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Intro to Comp. Tech

Intro to Comp. Tech

This course is designed to teach students the touch typing method of the alpha/numeric keyboard on the personal computer, with an emphasis on proper keying techniques and proofreading/editing skills. Students will develop speed and accuracy while producing and editing properly formatted documents utilizing the appropriate software applications. Students also gain knowledge of Microsoft Word. Basic word processing is introduced. Students key academic reports, personal letters, tables, and a capstone project in Microsoft Word. The development of employability skills is included in the course. This course is required before entry into other business computer classes.


Turnitin information

Class Name: 20035794

Enrollment Key: Computer-3


MAY 21
Know Your Key reach Quiz #3
All Day
Study Home Row reaches to keys:  Z, colon, Caps Lock, Question Mark, Tab, Backspace, G, Right shift, enter, and space bar.

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