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Español III

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Español III

Spanish 3: In this two semester course, students will work on building their proficiency in speaking, writing, listening and reading of the Spanish language. Through practice in and out of class, students will work towards meeting the “Intermediate-Mid” level of proficiency as outlined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The intermediate-mid level means that students can do the following:

Interpersonal Speaking:

-Exchange information in conversations on familiar topics

-Create sentences and series of sentences

-Ask a variety of follow-up questions

-Exchange preferences, feelings and opinions

-Provide basic advice on a variety of familiar topics

Presentational Speaking:

-Tell the story of their life, activities, events and other social experiences using sentences and series of connected sentences

-State their viewpoint about familiar topics and give some reasons to support it

-Give straightforward presentations on a variety of familiar topics and some topics they have researched


-Write a simple review of a movie, book, play or exhibit

-Write an email or letter to explain or clarify something that has happened or will happen

-Write a simple letter, response, or article for a publication


-Understand the main idea and key information in short straightforward conversations

-Understand basic questions or statements during a video conference with peers

-Understand a conversation by peers talking about a local event

-Understand some basic facts reported by a witness regarding an accident

-Understand a conversation about the cost and availability of an item between a customer and a salesperson


-Comprehension of main idea and key information in dialogues as well as informational and fictional texts

-Comprehend essential information in a feature story in a magazine or newspaper

-Identify the beginning, middle, and end of a short story

-Understand the meaning of the refrain of a simple song


Source: ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines

In addition, culture and customs of the Spanish speaking world are taught throughout the year. For each unit of study, students will have the opportunity to read and learn about various aspects of culture in the target language.




- Unit 1 – school, recreational activities, jobs and movies; CULTURE: Colombia & Venezuela

- Unit 2 – family, household activities, daily routines, around the house; CULTURE: Hispanic influence in the U.S

- Unit 3 – in the news, newspapers, cars CULTURE:  Spain

- Unit 4 – feelings & personalities, CULTURE: Puerto Rico & the Dominican Republic

- Unit 5 – driving, transportation; train travel, camping, CULTURE: Argentina & Chile

- Unit 6 – travel plans, hotel stays CULTURE: Panama, Costa Rica

- Unit 7 – market, food, attending a party, ordering at a restaurant; CULTURE: Bolivia, Peru