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Español II

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Español II

In this two semester course, students will continue to build their Spanish language skills of speaking, writing, listening and reading. Through practice in and out of class, students will work towards meeting the “Intermediate Low” level of proficiency as outlined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Working towards meeting the intermediate low level means that students will have a working Spanish proficiency in the following areas:


     -Participation in straightforward social situations

     -Conversation about basic personal information including self, family, daily activities, personal preferences, ordering          food and making purchases

     -Formation of relevant questions


     -Incorporation of Spanish vocabulary and grammar to form basic yet comprehensible sentences.

     -Responses to personal topics and topics of study.

     -Formation of questions regarding familiar topics.


     -Comprehension of speech in personal contexts and contexts of study.


     -Understanding of narrative and formative texts that have a straightforward structure.

     -Comprehension of main ideas and supporting details.

     -Progress toward comprehension of complex texts.

Source: ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines


In addition, culture and customs of the Spanish speaking world are taught throughout the year. For each unit of study, students will have the opportunity to read about various aspects of culture in the target language.



- QC 1 Unit 9 – clothing, body, shopping, past tense; CULTURE: Ecuador & Panamá

- QC 2 Unit 1 – technology, vacation, past tense; CULTURE: Using the Internet in Spanish-speaking countries

- QC 2 Unit 2 – daily routines, health, camping, habits; CULTURE: Latino celebrities

- QC 2 Unit 3 – places in the city, give and take directions; CULTURE: Great Pyramid of Cholula, Mexico City

- QC 2 Unit 4 – amusement parks, animals, past tense; CULTURE: El Salvador & Honduras

- QC 2 Unit 5 – food, grocery shopping, cloth shopping; CULTURE: Food in Spanish-speaking countries

- QC 2 Unit 6 – houses, family, the subjunctive mood; CULTURE: Homes in Spanish-speaking countries

- QC 2 Unit 7 – news broadcasts, newspapers, past perfect tense; CULTURE: Paraguay