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Español III Honores

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Español III Honores

          This course moves at a faster pace than Spanish 3 regular, picking up from the curriculum of Spanish 2 Honors. A student’s skills in Spanish are enhanced by covering more material (8 units) and by increased practice in speaking, reading, writing and listening. Students in Spanish 3H are equipped to continue their study of Spanish in Advance Placement Spanish Language, a performance base college class.  Spanish 3H course carries a weighted grade.

In this course, there is a strong emphasis on oral and written communication and a further study of more complex Spanish grammar, composition, and cultural aspects.  Selected readings and listening become more challenging.

          Course Grades: Course grades will not be based upon a total accumulation of points.  Instead,
student grades will be determined based on the following weighted categories:

Assessment                 –     55%:   Unit Tests, Compositions

Participation/Practice –    25%:   Homework, Practice Quizzes, Computer Lab, Class Participation    
                                                      E-mails, speaking: dialogues and oral presentation 

Final Exam               –  20%

In order for students to obtain the highest grade, the student must attend class, be on time, bring class material every day, be an active participant, and show respect for himself, teacher and classmates.  A Spanish 3H student is expected to be self-motivated, responsible, diligent, independent and a collaborating team member of small groups when assigned.  The student must maintain a self- reflection of personal goals to excel in the growth of mastering the Spanish language in writing, speaking, listening, and reading and comprehension in preparation to handle Spanish AP the following year.