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Español I

In this two semester course, students will build a foundation of the Spanish language through speaking, writing, listening and reading. Through practice in and out of class, students will work towards meeting the “Novice High” level of proficiency as outlined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Working towards meeting the novice high level means that students will have a working Spanish proficiency in the following areas:


     -Conversation about basic personal information, basic objects, activities, preferences and immediate needs.

     -Responses to direct questions or requests of information.

     -Use of formulaic questions


     -Incorporation of learned vocabulary and phrases into sentences.

     -Responses dealing with common elements of daily life.

     -Formation of questions regarding very familiar topics.


     -Comprehension of speech dealing with need.

     -Comprehension of phrases of study.


     -Comprehension of key words, cognates and learned phrases.

     -Comprehension of short and simple texts.

Source: ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines


In addition, culture and customs of the Spanish speaking world are taught throughout the year. For each unit of study, students will have the opportunity to read about various aspects of culture in the target language.



- Unit 1 – introduce yourself, tell time, count to 100; CULTURE: Geography of Spanish-speaking countries

- Unit 2 – classroom objects, school subjects, cognates; CULTURE: Hispanic influence in the U.S

- Unit 3 – places in the city, transportation, restaurant; CULTURE:  Mexico City

- Unit 4 – family, likes and dislikes, describe others; CULTURE: Puerto Rico & the Dominican Republic

- Unit 5 – holidays and celebrations, months, count from 101 – 999,999; CULTURE: Costa Rica & Nicaragua

- Unit 6 – items and rooms in a house, preferences; CULTURE: Housing in Colombia & Venezuela

- Unit 7 – leisure activities, seasons, weather; CULTURE: Argentina & Chile

- Unit 8 – chores, foods, purchasing food; CULTURE: Spain