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Description: This laboratory course is designed for students with a variety of skills and ability levels. It examines the following topics in depth: chemistry of life, the biosphere, populations, cell structure and function, DNA and inheritance, evolution, and classification. A significant emphasis is placed on scientific methodology. Recurring themes include ecology, genetics, and evolution.


Second semester we will be using computers every day in class.  For this to be effective we will be using Google Classroom.  All students will sign up during class using their school account.  Many assignments will be done online, but paper copies of documents essential to quizzes and tests will still be provided.  

Tips for Using Google Classroom: 

1. Use chrome to go to

2. Log into Google with your school email ( and password.

3. Our class will appear each time you log in.  

4. Watch this Video

Steps for success in Biology:

1) Login into Google Classroom often, especially when absent or if struggling.  

2) Complete daily assignments--these are posted on Google Classroom and our Calendar 

3)  Take the time at home to review what was discussed in class 

4) Stay organized with a binder and place papers in chronological order so you can find them.

5) Come to class prepared and ready to think!

6) Ask for help if you need it.