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English IV-Early Grads

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English IV-Early Grads

Students will interpret and analyze multiple complex literary and informative texts independently and proficiently in order to evaluate author purpose and approach.  They will synthesize information and evidence from diverse media sources to communicate findings in various well-organized and audience appropriate formats. Through both written and verbal expression, students will construct unique arguments, appropriate to style and task, that present substantive ideas rooted in analysis, reflection, and research that demonstrate a strong command of Standard English grammar and elevated academic language.

Semester II Coursework:

    Outcome C Cause/Effect: How can you view literature through a cause/effect lens to build meaning?

      Writing Assignment/Project: Cause/Effect essay

    Outcome D Social Change & Making a Difference: How can I use literary devices and rhetorical strategies to serve a                         purpose and inspire social action?

      Writing Assignment/Project: Senior Ignite Speeches

Semester II Student-Purchased Required Texts:

      A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini                                           ISBN: 9781594483854