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English II

English II is intended to advance students’ organizational, reading, writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking skills. Student writing includes journals (response and interpretive), essays (expository, persuasive, narrative) and historical research. The literature features nonfiction, including autobiographical and biographical readings. Emphasis is placed on meeting Common Core learning standards in English and on improving writing, speaking and listening skills. This course enables students to interact with their classmates and to express themselves creatively, as well as factually, in both written and oral communication. Particular emphasis is placed on preparing students for required state assessments. Additionally, students will gain skills in becoming a better reader, writer, and communicator.

Student-Purchased Required Texts:              Semester 1                                  Semester 2

                                                                                The Book Thief  by September 5th                   Fahrenheit 451 by January 9th

To access all classroom assignments, please make sure you to go Login information was given in class and the link is located under websites. You can also download the app for your phone to access all classwork as well.