Here you will find a list of our clubs and organizations with their descriptions. Find one that works for you!


Activity/ Club



Anime Club

Brian McCormick

Animae is a fairly new club at PEHS. The club provides interested students with an opportunity to share Japanese animations in the form of personal artwork/drawings, favorite stories, videos, etc. Club participants range from freshmen to seniors and meet at least once per month.

Bengal TV

Lisa Marcum

The Bengal TV Club is a student led club that concentrates on the filming and editing of school and community events. 

BALC (Bengal Athletic Leadership)

Lisa Simon

BALC meets the first or second Monday each month. Students participating in BALC have at least a 4.0 average and participate in extra curricular sports offered at Plainfield East High School. They must be nominated by their coaches and selected by a committee. BALC members work in the community at Orange House schools, in the SCORE room at PEHS and at the preschool.

Bengal Hangout (Peer Mentors)

Ashley Scaramelli &
Kellie Butterbach


Bengal Spirit Club (Orange Crush)

Lisa Simon

Orange Crush is a student fan section that is the heart and soul of PEHS athletics.  See Ms. Simon or Nick Sullivan or Ethan Williams for details on meetings or events.  This club is open to any PEHS student. #BengalNation.  Follow us @PEHSOrangeCrush  

Board Game Club

Kurt Dolson

This is a club for all students. Over 15 choices of board games and the option to bring in their own, students compete in friendly games of wits and luck. The games range from classics, such as Uno and Connect 4, to more complex games, such as Risk and Magic the Gathering the Card Game.  

Book Club

Lisa Marcum

Students who enjoy reading books and sharing books with others are welcome to join this club.  We are going to be reading some fun, high interest books this year.  Additionally, all members will be able to join a book blog online to discuss their current reads. Book Club meets every other Wednesday after school until 3:00 pm. 

Chess Club

Ian O'Donoghue

Click here for schedule. 


Angel Haney

Deca is a business/marketing club that allows students to experience a variety of career fields, including automotive, fashion finance, marketing, restaurant managment, hotel and lodging, sports and entertainment, and entrepreneurship. Competitions are held at the sectional, state and national level. DECA's objective is to support the development of marketing and managment skills in career areas. DECA offers many opportunities for students to develop skills useful in college and their careers such as negotiation skills, leadership skills, presentation skills, and communication skills while building confidence. Scholarships are available and it looks great on a college resume!

Doctor Who Club

Rhonda Hendrickson


Drama Club

Courtney Neal


Fall Play

Laura Shoplas

 Students in the fall play participate in a full-length (non-musical) production in the second or third week of November. Auditions for the fall play are in May so students may memorize their scripts over the summer. In August-November, students participate in daily rehearsals where we fine-tune the students’ delivery and tone, actions and movements on stage, and purpose. Additionally, we  play improvisational and acting games as well as attend multiple professional performances and Theatre Fest (IHSTF) in order to enhance our own performances. 

Gamers Club

Bradley Snider


Global Citizen Club

Annie Nordin


Guitar Club

Rob Gerdes


Key Club (Community Service)

Tambra Frey and Christine DerKacy

Key Club is a volunteer (5 hours minimum commitment) community service organization that is chartered through the Kiwanis Club. It meets every other Tuesday in the Cafeteria to plan events and promote community service activities to help others. Key Club members are in charge of the PEHS recycling program and are actively involved in helping our school and community. It is a fun way to become involved at PEHS and to look good on job/college applications!

Literary Review

Kelly Ferraro

Literary Club is devoted to creative writing and creates the Literary Magazine every year. We also compile and create pieces to submit to the Literary Festival that is held in the Spring and also participate in the festival which involves meeting students from surrounding schools, competing in different genres of writing with other schools, and partipating in writing worshops and activities. Meetings are in Room 205 the first and third Monday of every month.


Joe Young

Math Team - Learn and practice more advanced math topics with other students who love math! Also compete in 5 math competitions throughout the school year including the state contest held at University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. *First Meeting is October 2nd*

Muslim Students Association (MSA)

Donna Hornik


National Art Honor Society

Cindy Egizio, Emily Tonon

Click here for more info about NAHS

National Honor Society

Denise Griffin and AJ Riedel


Newspaper/ Journalism

Donna Hornik

East Side News meets daily in the Journalism Lab (Room 201) during fourth period study hall and lunch, as well as Tuesdays after school. Students plan and create all aspects of the school newspaper. They determine the stories, photos and art for every issue, they interview people, write and edit stories, take photographs, create graphics and design pages. They also compete in the Northern Illinois Scholastic Press Association contest and attend the annual conference, as well as compete in the Illinois High School Association competitions.

Ocean Conservation Club

Angela Severino

Ocean Conservation Club meets most Fridays after school in Room 317. As a club we are focused on learning about ocean issues and ways that we can protect and preserve this global resource.

Photography Club

Emily Tonon


Poetry Club

Katherine Fairfield

Poetry Club is a group that is devoted to creating, writing and performing poetry. We particpate in various spoken word competitions like Louder Than A Bomb and Poetry Out Loud, and host an open-mic night each semester in the Media Center. We also collaborate and mentor JFK students who are in Poetry Club. Meetings take place every Friday from 2:20-3:00 in room 418

Scholastic Bowl

Kelly Ferraro

Scholastic Bowl meets every Tuesday after school in room 417

Science Olympiad

Rebecca Scott 


Set Design - Fall

Emily Tonon and Dave Jackson


Set Design - Spring

Emily Tonon and Dave Jackson


Speech Club

Katherine Fairfield, Annie Nordin

Speech Team is a competitive activity in which students compete in 14 different events, ranging from impromptu speaking to prose reading. These events are divided into three categories: Public Speaking, Interpretive Reading, and Monologue/Duo acting. Students are judged against their competitors at tournaments. Practices take place on Tuesdays from 2:20-4:00 in the Media Center

SpikeBall Club

Kurt Dolson

Spikeball Club: Spikeball is a brand for the sport of Roundnet. Roundnet is a sport that is growing in popularity through out the nation. The game is similar to beach volleyball and can be played on most surfaces, but is usually played on grass, sand, or turf.  Usually played in teams of 2 people, teams take turns passing the ball and hitting it onto a net that is about the size of an exercise trampoline.  With no boundaries, teams must work together to return the ball to the net with a maximum of three hits.  The club will allow students to compete at a high level in Spikeball tournaments throughout the year.  Visit for more information.

Spring Musical

Ali Kordelewski


Student Council

April Ott, Kate Morris, Cindy Egizio

Student Council is a school spirit organization providing events and services to both PEHS staff & students as well as the community. Mainly known for the organizing and facilitating of Homecoming and Prom, they also orchestrate many other activities as well, as the list is constantly changing and growing.


Christine Torres, Emily Tonon

Yearbook meets everyday all year long during the academic day to take pictures capturing life at PEHS and to produce the yearbook. Students must fill out an application in early December to become a member of the staff the following year. Applications may be secured from Mrs. Torres. Upon acceptance, students will then choose "Yearbook" along with

all their other courses in January.

Students looking to join Yearbook are invited to first work after school once a month on Mondays.  See Mrs. Torres for the current semester’s meeting dates.