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Plainfield East HS media specialist creates video series to communicate with students during school closure

  Plainfield East High School Media Specialist Lisa Marcum launched a video series during the mandated school closure to illustrate the importance of being lifelong learners.

As a media specialist without a class of students of her own, Marcum wanted to find a way to continue communicating with PEHS students during the school closure, she said.

Each week, Marcum will release one video of herself trying something new.

The goal of the videos is to show students it is important to keep learning, even in difficult situations, Marcum said. “It is important to have an open mind and learn something new, even if it is about yourself,” she added.

In the first video, Marcum tries using a sewing machine to sew a face mask to wear during the COVID-19 pandemic. Marcum goes through trial and error to land at her finished project.

The first version of the mask was “unwearable,” she said, but after a few tries Marcum succeeded. She is now sewn about 15 face masks and has given them to her friends, including some who work in the healthcare field.

“I want to show students and staff that it is OK to try new things and it is OK to fail the first time or even the first few times,” Marcum said. “I think the reason people don’t attempt new things is because they are afraid of failure, but failure helps us learn.”

Marcum also learned how to make extenders and headbands with buttons to help adjust the tightness of the masks, and alleviate the pressure on the ears, she said.

She plans to continue the video series at least through the end of the year, Marcum said.