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D. 202 HS musicians to participate in ILMEA district festival

Thirty-eight District 202 high school student musicians will take part in the Illinois Music Educators Association (ILMEA) District Festivals for jazz, choir, band and orchestra on Saturday, November 3, 2018.

The students were selected based on a competitive audition to perform in the District IX Senior Band/Chorus/Orchestra Festival at Elgin High School in Elgin, Illinois. The students received music in advance to practice on their own.

At the District IX Festival they will rehearse all day with top college instructors before performing with other students from across the area as part of the District IX Choir, Band or Orchestra.

Later this fall the students will learn if they have qualified to perform at the ILMEA All-State Conference held in Peoria in January 2019.

These District 202 students will participate:

Plainfield High School-Central Campus:


  • Lily Danner, junior – Soprano I
  • Georgia Sigler, junior – Soprano I

Vocal Jazz Ensemble

  • Georgia Sigler, junior – Soprano I


  • Adrianna Giacona, junior - Flute

Plainfield North High School:

Jean Garcera, senior – Bass I

  • Andrew Mosier, senior – Tenor I
  • Tricia Tabladillo, senior – Alto II
  • Alexa Lezondra, senior – Alto II
  • Sydney Bak, senior – Soprano I
  • Isabella Cruz, junior – Alto I
  • Austin Wanner, junior – Bass II
  • Guilbert Aclibon, sophomore – Bass II
  • Chris DeLeon, sophomore – Tenor I

​​​​​Vocal Jazz Ensemble

  • Jean Garcera, senior – Bass
  • Alexa Lezondra, senior – Alto
  • Sydney Bak, senior – Soprano
  • Jamison “Jami” Dietz, junior - Soprano


  • Michael Witt, senior – Tuba
  • Abigail De Meo, senior – French Horn
  • Anna Mallari, senior – Clarinet


  • Kaitlyn Kowalski, senior – Flute
  • Karson Wehrli, senior – French Horn

Plainfield South High School:


  • John “Jack” Pondelicek, senior – Tenor I
  • Matt Rello, senior – Bass II
  • Steven Rose, junior – Tenor II


  • Taylor Scott, senior – Clarinet
  • Jake Guglielmi, junior – Euphonium
  • Daisy Torres, junior – Clarinet

Jazz Band

  • Jake Maro, senior – Alto Saxophone

Plainfield East High School:


  • Caley Chaquinga, senior – Alto I
  • Bailey Collins, senior – Bass II
  • Samantha Olson, senior – Alto II
  • Alondra Pinto, senior – Alto II
  • Matthew Seper, senior – Tenor II
  • Matthew Tria, senior – Tenor I
  • Zacharie Allen, junior – Bass I


  • Michelle Edwards, senior – Clarinet
  • Erin Villaflores, senior - Piano
  • Armando Moncada, junior – Trumpet
  • Lea Melissa Everson, sophomore – Clarinet
  • Catie Brenmark, freshman - Bassoon


  • Nick Baer, senior – Flute
  • Erin Villaflores, senior – Piano